Black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia)

General Information

Family: Legume family (Fabaceae)
Flowering period in Central Europe: Early spring to early summer
Months: 5–6

Allergy potential
Low allergenicity. Intense floral scent may cause irritation. Insect-pollinated, high pollen load only in the direct vicinity.

Not known.

Botanical Information

Originally native to the eastern United States. Cultivated in Europe as a park and ornamental tree since the beginning of the 17th century, important in forestry, problematic neophyte.

Habit — Tree. Foliage — Summer-green, compound leaves, ovate leaflets, reddish-brown thorns. Reproduction — Dioecious, pendulous, raceme-like inflorescences, white butterfly-like flowers, seeds in pods. Habitats — Forest edges, railway embankments, undemanding pioneer trees.