Avoid allergen contact

It is impossible to completely avoid allergens during the season

However, contact with allergens can be significantly reduced by taking a few steps:

  • Wear FFP-2 mask, sunglasses and large headgear.
  • Apply artificial tears and nasal rinsing.
  • Select deciduous forests as location for outdoor activities (lower pollen load).
  • Change the pollen filter in your car regularly.
  • Change clothes in the foyer (pollen sticks to clothes and animals).
  • Use air purifiers.
  • Protect your windows with pollen screens.
  • Vacuum regularly (pollen is only filtered out by vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters).
  • Regularly wipe surfaces around the house (e.g. shelves) with a damp cloth.

Also consult our forecast maps to get an overview of the expected allergic burden on a particular day. If you are planning a holiday, we recommend that you also consult the pollen load map for Europe, as the pollen season can sometimes vary significantly in different climatic conditions.