Canada goldenrod (Solidago canadensis)

General Information

Family: Aster family (Asteraceae)
Flowering period in Central Europe: Late summer to late autumn
Months: 6–10

Allergy potential
Low allergenicity. Low pollen quantities, insect pollinated. If the plant is touched, contact allergy symptoms are possible.

Cross-reactivity to other asters (chamomile, mugwort, ragweed) possible.

Botanical Information

Originally North America, invasive neophyte in Europe. Habitats — Fallow land, roadsides, railway embankments, waterside edges, riverbanks, meadows, also ornamental plants in gardens. Plain to over 1200m above sea level.

Habit — Perennial, herbaceous. Foliage - Leaves lanceolate, leaf apex serrated, stems in the upper area shortly hairy, spike branches with flower heads, golden yellow flowers (hence the name!).