Fir (Abies spp.)

General Information

Family: Pine family (Pinaceae)
Flowering period in Central Europe: Early to Full Spring (April–May)
Months: 4–5

Allergy potential
Low allergenicity.

Not known.

Botanical Information

Widely distributed in temperate climates in the Northern Hemisphere, lower to higher mountainous regions. Important in forestry (Christmas trees).

Botanical information
Habit — Tree. Foliage — Needle-like leaves, evergreen, two bright bands (stomatal bands) on the underside. Reproduction — Monoecious, ♂ cones upright, ♀ cones upright green, red, or purple.

Common species in Europe

Silver fir (Abies alba).
Habit — Tree. Habitats — Common in middle altitudes in mixed deciduous forests with beech, up to higher mountainous regions of the Alps.