Mugwort (Artemisia spp.)

General Information

Family: Aster family (Asteraceae)
Flowering period in Central Europe:
Late summer to early autumn. In the Mediterranean and Southeast Europe, it also flowers from November to April.
Months: 7–9

Allergy potential
High allergenicity. Main allergens Art v1-3.

Cross-reactivity to other asters (e.g., ragweed, arnica, goldenrod, chamomile, sunflower) is possible.

Botanical Information

Almost worldwide, naturalized in tropical parts of South America and Australia. Habitats — Disturbed soils (roadside verges, fields, construction sites).

Habit — Annual or perennial herbaceous. Foliage — Leaves toughly pinnate, upper leaf surface green, lower leaf surface grayish white (pubescence). Reproduction — Partial flower heads in umbel-like clusters, form terminal spikes, flower heads whitish-gray, yellowish, or reddish-brown (applies to Artemisia vulgaris).