Privet (Ligustrum spp.)

General Information

Family: Olive family (Oleaceae)
Flowering period in Central Europe:
Early spring to late summer
Months: 5–7

Allergy potential
Low allergenicity. Intense floral scent may cause irritation.

Privet pollen can trigger cross-reactions with other olive family plants (e.g., ash, olive) due to allergen similarity based on kinship.

Botanical Information

Main distribution areas are in temperate climates of Eurasia, also found in the tropics of Southeast Asia and Australasia. Naturalized in the USA, Mexico, and Argentina.

Growth form — Tree. Foliage – Summer-green or evergreen. Foliage — Short-stalked and entire-edged. Reproduction — flowers arranged in terminal, axillary, or raceme-like inflorescences, usually white petals that are tubular or funnel-shaped, berries or drupes.