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Pollen information service: personalized, up-to-date, practical

The services of the Austrian Pollen Information Service have been an important companion for allergy sufferers throughout the pollen season for many years. New services are constantly being developed and existing ones enhanced on the basis of scientific findings. In 2024, all signs point to personalization. For several years now, the services have taken into account the individual situation of each allergy sufferer. The update now also uses weather data in addition to local pollen and the user's symptom data and calculates the impact of ozone, sulphur dioxide (So2), nitrogen dioxide (No2) and particulate matter. This makes the forecast and personal allergy risk even more accurate, as weather and air quality have a significant impact on the well-being of pollen allergy sufferers.

Everything new at www.polleninformation.at

The association's website has also been further developed and rebuilt from scratch. Users can now personalize the most important information for their needs using interactive elements, so-called "widgets", i.e. design their own layout. There are currently 13 of these widgets to choose from, including the current pollen count, the allergy risk, the pollen diary, the exposure map for Austria and surrounding countries, asthma weather, etc.

www.allergie.at: New landing page for allergy sufferers

www.allergie.at is a new central landing page in cooperation with the patient platform IGAV - Interessensgemeinschaft Allergenvermeidung. Allergy sufferers can access important information quickly and easily at the click of a mouse: Current pollen information, pollen diary etc. are available at www.polleninformation.at and background information, compact guides and news on various topics relating to allergies at www.allergenvermeidung.org. Content has been linked on the respective pages and links take you quickly to the other page. The aim: allergy sufferers should be able to find relevant information quickly and easily and access scientifically proven knowledge.

"Hörgang Blütentalk" podcast & "breazyTrack" asthma app

In cooperation with the publisher Springer Medizin, the first episode of the new podcast series "Hörgang Blütentalk" has now gone on air. Dr. Markus Berger and other experts will regularly talk about the upcoming pollen season, the effects of global warming on the pollen count, new plants with allergy potential, tips for alleviating symptoms, etc. You can find episode 1 here: https://springermedizin-hoergang.podigee.io

Another new cooperation partner is breathy-health GmbH. The start-up company has developed the "breazyTrack" app, a digital asthma helper that promotes self-management. The Austrian Pollen Information Service provides the pollen data for this new service.

Well informed is half the battle

All of these services provide pollen allergy sufferers with verified information and useful tools to help them get through this stressful time. "It is helpful if patients come to the doctor well informed. This makes it possible for them to correctly classify medical recommendations and actively shape their treatment even better. We also know from experience and studies that informed patients show greater adherence to treatment, which results in better treatment success," says Prim. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Fritz Horak, Medical Director of the Allergy Center Vienna West.

Link tips:

www.polleninformation.at - Individual pollen load, download Pollen+ app, online self-test etc.

www.allergenvermeidung.org - Information platform for allergy sufferers

www.allergie.at - Find relevant information quickly and easily

www.pollenallergie.at - Service for doctors

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