Forward-looking Solutions

The OFI (Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology) is one of the largest Austrian service enterprises for applied research and provides expertise in Materials Technology and Building Renovation. Since 1946, the OFI has been working with different companies and organisations across Europe, offering innovation through research and development, analysis and testing, quality assurance and certification. Customer integration plays a major role in the development of new technologies at a very early stage. In close collaboration with companies, our research deals with realistic problems and the development of new or improved products, methods and services. Furthermore, our experts are specialised in realising complete research projects, from the idea until the final product is ready for market. Our experts act in close cooperation with each other, applying the latest methods and techniques.

Guaranteed Quality & Safety

The department “Pharma, Medical Devices & Hygiene” is focused on product innovation in the fields of safety, functionality and quality. We offer consultation on pharmaceutical products, medical devices, cosmetics, hygiene and non-food products. We are an experienced and dedicated partner institution specialised in chemical (compatibility of disinfectants), physical, mechanical, immunological (e.g. filter efficacy for biological particles of the most frequent allergens like spores, moulds and mites), microbiological (antimicrobial efficacy) and in-vitro toxicological (e.g. biocompatibility: cytotoxicity, irritation, sensitization, xenohormones) material analysis. Additionally we offer individual and common tests of permeability and light protection, microbial contamination of materials, sensory tests, impermeability, leakage detection, sealing behaviour, alternating temperatures resistance, functionality and quality of materials (e.g. E&L-studies).

For further information visit www.ofi.at